Simple Exchange Program

We want to make you happy and want to know why the item you are returning does not.  Our policy is called Simple Exchange

  • Call Greg at 951-830-5997 or fill out a return ticket on this website with-in 10 days of item delivery
  • Return the item with-in 30 days of delivery and no longer than 40 days of our initial shipping
  • RainbowRV will issue an Exchange credit coupon upon reciept of returned item.
  • Use the Exchange credit at the within one year of credit  coupon issue

Some  Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  What are acceptable reasons for return?
               AnswerAny return reason is acceptable.   We simply want to know why so we can improve our service.
QuestionWho pays the return postage back to you?
               Answer:   RainbowRV will send a pre-addressed return container to your shipping address and you will pay and apply USPS postage.  Exchange Credits will reflect the return postage you paid up to the amount it cost us to send it in the first instance.
Question: Can I use the exchange credit for event registration on
               Answer: No you can not use the exchange credit for Event registration.
Question: Can I ride in the shoe during a Pride parade?
              Answer:  First we need to get you in an Official RainbowRV logo jacket that works for those beautiful eyes.

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